Barney Fife Deputy Hat


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Hey everyone. I am starting a barney fife costume. So far I have found the patch and 2 great badges. This seems to be the closest shirt I could find.

Long Sleeve Sheriff Shirt Class A Uniforms & Accessories Warehouse - Security Uniforms, Law Enforcement Badges, Lightbars

I am primarily still trying to find the same style deputy hat that he wears in tan/khaki. I keep finding ones that are only in available in black or navy blue.

Does anyone know where I might could find that style hat?


Here is another good picture I found for the hat/shirt.

I have my ANH han solo 3 hole grommet belt that I think would be good to reuse for Barney. I am still trying to find a low riding style holster that he uses on the show though.




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I don't know if you've had any luck with your search, but the uniform and hat that Barney is wearing is pretty much an Army Khaki uniform from WWII through the late 50's early 60's, including the cap. The only cap difference is that his brim and strap are dyed black instead of the Army brown. This uniform is a cotton khaki, not the poplin used for later dress uniform shirts and is a much different material than is used on more current law enforcement uniforms.The closest modern material style would be a Dickies work uniform in khaki, although they don't have the shoulder epaulets, you'd have to add those. Search local surplus stores if you have any nearby or military collector shows. I do have a cap like that in my collection and the full uniform with dress jacket but they're not for sale and they are also a very small size. They do show up on e bay once in a while too. If you search army cotton khaki, you'll get a bunch of stuff mixed in but the shirts do show up. I just saw 3 on a quick look and you could use the Dickies work pants, since the pants don't show up as often. I did see some reproduction caps on e bay, but they are way too overpriced for a repro. I've bought originals much cheaper. Hope this helps.
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