Barnabas Collins-Johnny Depp/Colleen Atwood WIP


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I have always loved Dark Shadows, and when I found out that Colleen Atwood was doing the costume for the film I decided it was finally time to do my Barnabas Costume! Based on what has leaked so far, his coat is a dark green (like the original series) and it looks like she lined it in a paisley--so that's what I did! I'll post more pics as I finish the rest of the pieces but so far:


Nicely done! is that the legit cane? Johnathon Frid was such a Bada**. I'm looking forward to the new movie, I'm not a fan of Johnny Depp or Time Burton per se, but I ADORE Colleen Atwood and from what I have seen she is doing a great job.
Its not bad, it definitely works. I wanted to make mine out of a thicker wool, because in the series his green one looks super thick. However then I would be sweltering and it wouldn't be functional as a costume.

That is so cool that you have the cane. I've wanted one for years but for some reason I can just never bring myself to buy it when I have the money. I'll probably save up for it eventually--does it have the glass eyes?
may or may not make this for Travis... doubt that I will as he's really not keen on the appearance, so unless the film itself makes him do a 360... unlikely.

can't wait to see some more of the ladies' costumes though!
How would you rate the quality of the elope cape? I cosplay the Third Doctor and have been eyeing it intently as my new inverness cape.
it's definitely a medium wool which it's thick enough to wear in the cold I was very impressed with it I guess who ever came up with the design study Barnabas Collins coat from the 60's series I think it looks more accurate than some of the more expensive inverness coats out their. I did cut the sleeves off because his didn't have sleeves.
His had sleeves----Or at least by the time it went to color it had sleeves.

I'd love to make an aged version of it 1700s costume and be the "just woke up" Barnabas.
never in the show did it have sleeves I've see every episode of dark shadows and was a fan of barnabas so I would pay attention when he was on screen.
No expert on Dark Shadows, but if the character wore a proper Inverness cape it wouldn't have had sleeves. An Inverness with sleeves is an Ulster Coat
Well I apologize for offending the Lord high Mayor of Dark Shadows.

At any rate I got my ring today, gold with a Black onyx stone. I'm pretty thrilled because it matches his perfectly and has a bit more shine than just a normal knockoff. Also pretty stoked as a friend is going to replicate the Cane for me, and we ordered red Glass eyes from Germany for it.

Also even though I am as blonde as the day is long My Harry Potter/Roger Debris/Nutcracker wig works perfectly for Barnabas when it is re-styled, so I am DEFINITELY getting my money's worth!

you didn't offend me at all I have met Jonathan Frid in person and asked him about the coat he wore and he told me their were no sleeves on any of the coats from the show or the movie.
Hrm. I feel like if NONE of the original coats had sleeves, Colleen Atwood ( who made the costumes for the new movie ) would have respected that...especially if they're classified as an entirely different styles.

Or maybe she just liked sleeves better...

Either way, the Depp version is definitely with sleeves as are any of the statues/action figures/whatever you want to call thems.

To me it looks like the Frid versions were sleeveless but the colour version were with sleeves.

In other news, did you guys know there are replica rings and canes available?
If you can find me a link to where I can purchase a cane, I'll do a back flip because the rings are chock a block and the canes are only the 300$ and up ones, not the Elope temp ones.
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