Bank Heist Joker Costume


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I ordered my glock off amazon in early october to do this costume for halloween and received the one with the silencer and tiny orange tip on the gun. My costume is a suit i already owned, a shirt the wife picked up a few years back for me at the gap, a rubies wig, and a THS mask. Since I look nothing like heath i'll just show the pic with the mask.


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Hi Jodo, yes I thought that he did, but I never heard anymore about it. I would think alot of people would still be interested in getting that shirt made.


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very cool - I found a site that has the "lemon" grenade paperweights for about $7 each... but to look cool you'd need about 8 of them, so that still pretty 'spensive...

Here's how the mask is looking. I need to narrow the chin and fix the ears. That and smooth the whole thing out and it should be done. Unless anyone else sees any other glaring inaccuracy from my one crappy, blurry pic, LOL


By far the best yet, have you finished?

Mr. K

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That mask is looking REALLY good. I love my TH mask, I love my RG mask, but this is yet another step forward. Keep it up!


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Anyone have any leads on the other masks? Preferably "Happy" (in the back left)


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