BANGARANG : The Pan Sword


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Hello RPF!

After missing out on a Pan sword run that was done some years ago I decided to tackle it myself! Hook has always been my favorite movie, and after getting the INCREDIBLE hook replica from Sarednab a few years ago I knew I had to have the Pan sword!

I ordered brass stock for the blade, the screen used sword was gold plated steel but like the other attempts from other members here, I decided brass would replicate the look of the sword.

While I waited for the stock to arrive I decided to do a quick mock up of the sword as a practice run.

I used a coconut for the guard, wood for the blade, and covered the coconut in strips of wood I pulled off of an old piece of plywood.



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Of course, between hero versions, stab versions, stunt versions, etc... there are many variations on the sword, I sort of made a mash up of things I like from all of the versions. Here are some of my reference photos

It seems Rufio's Hero gold plated sword had a lot of wood strips/bark on the coconut guard but Peter's Hero gold plated sword seems to be a resin guard.


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I was pretty surprised to see that after sanding and polishing, it really shines!

At this point I added the wood for the handle and shaped it on the sander.

I got the coconut added to the guard and attempted to glue the plywood strips to the guard... and then attempted with another type of glue, then another, 4 types of glue and I could not get these strips to stay! so the plan changed and the guard was going to look more like the Pan version, not Rufio's version.


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That looks so cool! I never knew it was a thing but now i want it hahah
The only thing i would change though is the colouring on the guard, to me it looks like a mix of browns, other than that its beautiful


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Been meaning to do this same thing for years. Did the test sword and bought the brass but can't seem to find the time sit down and grind. After seeing this I may have to re-prioritize a summer project. Nice Job!


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Nicely done! This has been on my want list since I first saw it in theaters. Now it's time to get building. Thanks for the inspiration!


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That is superb!! Really well done!! You got your hand guard a lot more accurate than I did, that was an inventive move with the thin strips of wood.
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