bane mask foam..(pics)


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HI everyone,
this is my attempt at making a bane mask.. I'm still working on it as its an ever improving project... Unfortunately i didn't take any early progress pictures.. but i did start with tracing paper and making a mock up with paper.. after i mocked it i traced the paper mask in pieces on to foam... i was originally gonna sculpt the actual mask but ran out of time for TDKR premiere so what i did was buy a rubies bane mask and use the mouth piece... i used wire covers for the hoses and that drawer and cabinet mesh they sell at Walmart. The capsules need to be added but will b sculpted and i will soon add the hose straps and the bottom hose(which ill use a thin vinyl hose from lowes). ill post up progress as i go but for now this is what i got.. any suggestions are heavily welcomed...
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