Bandai Star Wars box scale fighters collection X-Wings Y-Wing A-Wing

Sold for 20.00 USD
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Clearing out some projects I'll never get around to finishing. Offered here is a set of the Bandai box scale Rebel fighters. This collection consists of two of kit #002 X-Wing starfighter, one of kit #005 Y-Wing starfighter, and one of kit #010 A-Wing starfighter (includes 2 A-Wings). One of the X-Wings and the A-wings are new and the parts sprues are still sealed in plastic. The other X-Wing and the Y-Wing have been assembled and sprayed with Vallejo black primer and Vallejo Insignia White (including some overspray on the stands since I wasn't planning to use them). All parts and sticker sheets for all kits are present. Price includes shipping to CONUS. Thanks for looking!

IMG_20210328_114221192.jpg IMG_20210328_114326726.jpg IMG_20210328_114333707.jpg
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