Bandai Perfect Grade Millennium Falcon 1/72


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„I love you!“

„I know.“

Even if rarely more romantic words were spoken we all know that Han Solo’s true love was the Millennium Falcon. No, not Chewie (just a bro). Indeed, it was the Falcon.
As with the Bandai kit there is a definitive Falcon out there, it’s time for me to build that thing. It will be awesome!


The kit is excellent. The engineering, fit and the details are unmatched. You can build it without glue – that’s Bandai for you.
In the Perfect Grade version a lighting kit is already included. But it’s crap. The engine lights are a pinkish nightmare and much too dark. Forget it. I need MORE POWER! So, I’m going to do it myself.

Concerning the paint job, I already built a little tester to check out the MRP Insignia White I’m going to use.


I started with the cockpit (I wish I got a dollar for every time I wrote that in my life). I blackbased and handpainted it with Vallejo colors. The bright strips are made from aluminum tape. I hope to reflect some of the backlighting forward with them (tip from Bashing Kits on Youtube).



The back wall is clear. To backlight everything I rubbed the paint off the switches and lights and painted them with transparent colors.


From an old plastic bag (vintage, Nike, 2015) I cut a diffusor.


Only the upper light strips are actually lighted in the kit. That’s not enough for me. To light the whole wall I had to remove quite a bit of the wall of the cockpit tub.


Without being forced to use the lighting kit I could install three LEDs behind the back wall.


First light test: I like!


That’s it for now. See you soon!



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I like what you did for the back wall. I might have to try that on mine

If this turns out anything like your smaller "test" version it is going to be stunning!


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Good to have you all on board!
Now, let's continue with the crew. The Bandai figures are quite boring, so I ordered replacements from Falcon 3D Parts.


The detailling is fantastic.


I painted the figures with Vallejo colors. Replacement Chewie was lacking a shoulder belt, so I added one made from masking tape and bits of plastic.
The second Chewie is the one from the kit.


Please take a seat!


And here everybody found a new home.





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Excellent work on the figures

I should have picked some of those up instead of trying to reposition the Bandai figures myself


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Very cool! very nice work!
Bandia decals are hard to work with especially over raised details so i like the direction you are goin. Looking forward to seeing the cockpit completed and lite.
yes the figures look really good! i will have to look them up:D


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Back with a little life sign - I am playing around with the engine lighting. The kit lighting is crap, so I used LED strips to pimp it.


As a diffusor, I am using the infamous Nike bag.


Lights on!


And much better than the kit lighting.


Merry christmas and all the best for 2020!



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Im liturally just starting my build today.... And right away running into the issue of how best to do the cockpit, and seeing your build is jaw dropping.

I want those falcon3d figures D: but im cheap so im staying with the boring models. If i could get the stl files i would print them off myself on my resin printer... but right now i cant spend any more money. So boring figures for now. I might snap the model open and replace them later..................

Also seeing your cockpit paint job fixed my main issue... I realised right away that the decals wont fit the moulded parts... so painting it is...


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MangyDog, good choice to paint the cockpit. You can make the decals work, but for that you have to grind the surfaces level.


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I'll make my own thread at some point... But here's what Iv done... Not at your quality leven though but I think it's ok

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