Bandai Line of Enterprises

Darth Furtive

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Would anyone here have any inside information on what versions and scales of Enterprises Bandai intends to make. I for one wish they would make the complete Enterprise linage from the NX-01 to the model E in the 1/850 scale. I own their refit Enterprise and the present E model.
You are correct. The refit and the E model are different scales.
Would anyone here have any insight into Bandai's future Enterprise plans?
I would love to own the entire Enterprise linage from NX-01 to E model in a light up version all in the same scale, preferably the 1/850 scale. I am aware that this would put the D and E around the three foot mark. Think of the detailing options that could be available for the C,D,and E Enterprises at this scale.
I have the entire Enterprise linage in the 1/2500 scale.
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