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I have seen a lot of you have built the bandai ISD 1/5000 kit and I'm very tempted to get it, however I'm not a fan of the light kit version as it seemes like a hassle to turn it on and off and also change the batteries which will basically leave it to stand on display never lit.

Me as being not good with modding electronics thought that maybe I could get one of those light strips which can be cut to size and is usb powered to light up the model, I could just to some tinting in some of the pre drilled holes to get different colours.

What do you guys think? Would I get to warm or is it a smart solution?

Or do you have any better solution to light up the model?


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I got the standard version and did some janky wiring to make it lit up with an LED strip. It works just okay. I wish I had done something else with the superstructure.




I use mine for composite photography purposes. Here's a few images I've made with it. although, I always have to alter the lighting a bit on the ship to make it look right (do a beauty pass, do a lighting pass, tweak the lighting brightness in PS, add more lights, etc...)

Night Pursuit_IG - 2K.jpg

The Might of the Empire - 2K.jpg

Imperial Attack! - 2k.jpg

Hope that helps.


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Those are some wonderful images!
I have the lighted version of the kit with the clear parts. I have held off buildng as I am still sorting out how to approach the lighting myself.
One thng certain, i will be using external power, either through stand contact patches it connectors hidden in greebly.
I also want to use some 'cove lighting' as seen along the brim trench (I have some nanoLEDs for this)
Not sure how many of the clear parts I will use, great for adding tiny windows but I don't want to blur the excellent detail with blockheads ng paint either.

I am basically following discussions like this and build threads to see how others are approaching this kit and taking notes...


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Wow awesome images!

Did the light strip you got without power cable or did you want to use different sections in the ship?

Doesn't look like your bridge is lighted up, or maybe it just doesn't show in the pictures

I would like to avoid doing mods to the light source I am to use as I have never done such a thing before


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Yeah, my LED strip came with a socket for power, but I put that into my Millennium Falcon build, so I just used leftovers in this SD and wired it up to a 9V battery. The bridge is lit, but only with one 3mm white LED that goes up the neck and into the bridge. It's not very bright, hence why you can't really see it in the photos above. Like I said, I wish I had done something different there.

And I'm a wiring n00b, so if I can do it, then anyone can do it. Just poke around the internet and remember, Google is your friend!



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I purchased the standard non lit SD kit and installed my own led set for only $2 from the dollar store comes with a 2 AA on/off batterie pack, saved myself $100, the battery pack is much smaller and the leds fit in the same spot the original did with a bit of tweaking and best of all I have no issues like most were the superstructure doesnt close properly because of the rediculously oversized batterie pack.


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