Bandai help needed


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I picked up the Bandai R2D2/R5D4 kit and am amazed with the quality for the low price (now plan on getting 3PO and a few others).

This is the first true model I've constructed since I was a kid and am not sure which set of decals would be best to use. I'm sure most of you know it comes with 2 duplicate sheets, one peel and stick the other more "standard" apply with water type.

I'm sure the peel and stick would be easier, I'm assuming the latter type would be superior quality. Is that correct? Also, after applying the decals and paint should I use a sealant? I didn't know if that could damage the decals.

(If the water applied decals are the best way to go any tips from you experts would be greatly appreciated).



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Well I prefer the waterslide decals,....but on the R5 model I messed up big style on the fine red decals for his head,....I rendered them useless I was forced to use the stickers for that area,.....& I was very pleasantly surprised by how fine & delicate they are,.....the vinyl that they are printed on is tissue thin and when the sticker is applied there is no obvious look that it is a sticker at all really my advice is not to worry if you mess up on the decals, the stickers are your spare set



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Thanks, jaitea.

It's funny that you mention R5's dome decal, that is the one that has worried me the most. A few others are so small I believe I will paint instead (the 2 small silver dots below R5's 3 "eyes" is an example).

I've also considered adding a wash for weathering but I have read reports of Bandai's AT-ST legs actually falling apart after a paint wash.
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