Bandai 1/72 X-Wing


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Its been decades since I've built any kind of plastic model, so I thought I'd practice on a few kits to possibly improve whatever skill I had in hopes of doing a bigger build project like probably a falcon. To be honest, my skill is mediocre at best and add to that - painting is my waterloo.
Anyway, I thought I'd start with something easy and after reading some info regarding Bandai kits needing little to no glue - I went ahead and purchased the small 1/72 kit.
The small bandai kit was a joy to build and I think I would also get the Vader's tie advance kit...........hmm, and maybe the upcoming Y-Wing as well. Or maybe these kits are really "easy" to begin with?

On to the pics........

IMG_2301.jpg IMG_2321.jpg IMG_2317.jpg IMG_2315.jpg IMG_2311.jpg IMG_2310.jpg IMG_2307.jpg IMG_2322.jpg


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BTW....I noticed that one of your decals is coming up a bit on the top right wing.

I hate using decals but I picked up some Mr. Softer and it totally helped. After you have the decal on and stuck, you wipe some of this stuff on and it softens it so ii forms to the model better. It almost melts it down so it looks more like paint.
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