Bandai 1/72 A-Wing mini diorama


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I made this mini-diorama to match the one I did for my B-Wing with landing gear. Once it's all done, I'll post a picture of both of them together. I'm also going to do one for a Y-Wing and an X-Wing... Might as well get the whole gang together!



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Dang! How many projects do you have going at once! It looks awesome of course. Too many, of course... But right now I'm working on 5 different projects:

  1. This one, of course
  2. 1/72 Cloud City Diorama
  3. 1/24 scale custom Corvette, on commission
  4. 1/144 Hoth/Echo Base diorama
  5. 1/12 Scratch built Swoopbike
And about a dozen more floating in my


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Oh... I forgot to mention that I'm also working on a 1/48 scale scene with a Rancor fighting an AT-ST. I saw this picture and was instantly intrigued:

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