Bandai 1/12 R4-I9 (Finished)


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Might as well keep these 1/12 kits This is an intriguing Droid... Only seen briefly in the OT, the R4-I9 has a very unique dome. Another interesting aspect of this kit is that it includes the tray and glasses you see R2-D2 with when he's on Jabba the Hutt's Sailbarge.

20190108_043055251_iOS.jpg 20190108_043103023_iOS.jpg

And yes, I will be lighting this guy, too.


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One of the things about Star Wars that I think is so interesting, and perhaps is a minor contributing factor to its longevity, is the effort the design team put into background details. Like here is a droid with quite a complicated head to build (circular to hexagonal transitions) that merely shows up twice for fractions of a second each time. And one of those times it was miles away in the background!


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Also Bandai loves reusing molds over and over again

Alt schemes, and slight kit part reworks to pop out new kits are like their bread and butter.

And they also love to entice you to buy kits by putting parts for other kits in there. In the Space Battleship Yamato line-up they had a few kits that contained decal sets for earlier kits that did not have decals, or they include little bonus kits like the 1/72 ,1/48 kits with 1/144 combo kits.

Brilliant marketing

I honestly don't remember this guy at all, but I am tempted to pick this kit up simply for the ROTJ tray for R2.

Plus you can never have too many astromech variants


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Here's a small update... Still more work to do. I need to reshoot the dome with my clear coat... Additionally, finish lighting the one spot in the head that will be lit. On a rather disappointing note, this kit comes with stickers only (n):cautious::mad:

20190112_014135847_iOS.jpg 20190112_014151363_iOS.jpg 20190112_014155362_iOS.jpg 20190112_014203299_iOS.jpg