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Hi everyone!

This is my completed bust of BALOK from the Star Trek episode "The Corbomite Maneuver". It was created at the request of James Cawley of "Star Trek: New Voyages" for use in their recent Kickstarter campaign. Now that that campaign is over he has given me permission to show it off and offer copies for sale. The head is reinforced latex, foam filled, with plastic eyeballs, and is attached to a shoulder assembly of half-inch thick L-200 foam. His robe is made of headliner foam, the same type of material used for his robe in the original episode.

This one was painted with the color scheme of the actual prop, which is a sage green color, but I can also paint them to look like the puppet as it appeared on the Enterprise screen, which was more of a greyish tone.

Hope you like him!

Dale Morton


Balok done 2.jpg

Balok done 10.jpg

Balok done 12.jpg

Balok done 13.jpg

Balok done 14.jpg

Balok film 1.jpg

Balok & Me 2.jpg


Balok & James.jpg
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Thanks, J.K. I'm also going to do one painted up more of a greyish tone to look more like he did on the viewscreen of the Enterprise.