"Bad Elder" Bust (torso) Sculpt


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I just started this today, so it is very ruff yet. It is freakin huge in person. Sorry the pics are not the greatest. I will update as it comes along. I also plan on sculpting a stand for it as well.




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Here some some pics for Jimmy with the kaibutsuya P2 head on the bust. The neck isn't the same shape as my elder head, but it stills sits on the bust well. I also added some pics of the detailing I did today. It still needs to be smoothed out a little.







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OMG i love it

it fits the kaibutsuya head like a glove ,,the only thing you did was cut of the neckring right ?

great work bro great work

Thx a mill for the pictures

Darth Pinhead

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Milk you really have some sick skills and concepts.

Totally agree. Amazing shapes. I LOVE how you flow from one texture to the next, as opposed to just dumping a layer of bumps on top of a layer of skin, etc. You, sir, are to be commended. PLEASE tell plan on sculpting a full suit. In the words of Yoda, "Epic, it would be..."


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Thanks everyone for all the great comments. I finished up the sculpt today and started on the mold. The first cast should be done in a few days. I will be starting on the stand next.




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