Bad Boys for Life (Post-release)

What did you think of Bad Boys for Life?

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Ok, I want to see howard do that on BBT - that'd be the best way - dress as a jedi doing his cage impersonation! :)
I still love the first movie and I'm pretty stoked to see that this is happening!

Many of my friends are stoked!

Truth be told I never saw the first and I am endlessly chastised about it.......:p
Many of my friends are stoked!

Truth be told I never saw the first and I am endlessly chastised about it.......:p

Oh man, really?!

I met my best friend in 5th grade and we saw this together. Growing up we thought this was going to be us. Truth be told we are still best friends (24 years later) and super excited to see the movie! We use to fight over who Mike Lowery was lol
It was indeed a great summer soundtrack!!! Still listen to it too!!!
Looking forward to seeing the trailer for this

Why not...I don’t think I’m doing anything that day.

I have a kind of fond relationship with this franchise. The first came out two days before I turned 16, and of course was rated R. My friend had his driver’s license so we went to the theater and tried to buy tickets, but they actually checked ID and refused to sell them to us. We couldn’t be mad, we were breaking the rules.

Now, let it be said that I was a good kid...having a cop dad and two cop grandparents kind of scared me straight right from birth. :lol:

My friend was also a good kid...straight A student, never getting in trouble.

So we did something completely out of character, and purchased tickets to “Forrest Gump” which was still in the theater at the time.

We go in and the older gentleman taking tickets looks at ours and says “I hear the version of ‘Forrest Gump’ with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence is real fun,” then winks at us and tells us which theater “Bad Boys” was in.

Pretty cool, and something I remember very vividly.
My best friend and I loved these movies since we were kids. I texted him the trailer and he said “Sounds like a date Marcus”. We would always fight over who was Mike Lowrey
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