Bad Blood Predator


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hey guys i have a problime after houres searching google and
all that stuff, i'v have not found the bad blood predator symbol. and i am going to make a bad blood predator fo comic con,
but I'm one of those nick picky people so every detail needs to be perfect. predator discussion seemed to be the right place to put thin topic. so do any of you guys know the symbol??
and yes i have costume experience so i know what i am getting my self into.


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Think only the mods can do that...have done the same myself s@@t happens lol..sorry I can't answer your question, I'm sure someone will give you an answer..



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okay thanks any ways.
i was thinking about spelling bad blood in yautija alphabet, but i don't know if there's a serting symbol or not.


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Well, the Bad Bloods are Predators who were exhiled from their clans for commiting murder, killing for pleasure, or failing a hunt and surviving the explosion.
Since they have no clan, they have no symbol.
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