Bad Batch Hunter Life Size Helmet


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Sorry I haven't posted in awhile but I loved how this helmet turned out for me so I'm excited to share. I absolutely Love this helmet design so the prop whore in me had to make it. I had mystique here of Catbox 3d print me one and away we go.
She has a wonderful trick she recommended I try, (maybe not a trick anymore) of using wood glue to fill in the print lines for easy sanding. Anyone ever heard of this? It worked really well with easy sanding and super smooth finish.
Hunter Clone WIP.jpg

Here's the final finish after primed and sanded before molding.

Molding was a standard type silicone skin with the super light Free Form Air jacket.

Silicone Hunter.jpg

Then Roto-casted in Smooth cast 65D white urethane resin.

Hunter Clone fresh casting.jpg

I haven't necessarily researched the exact color for Garrison approval but I found and can convince the color Krylon Fusion Metallic Dark Metal 2769 be the base.

Hunter Clone finish.jpg

I always have preferred the weathering look and do extensive washes and rub downs for battle fatigue effects for Star Wars helmets (with the exception of Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, and Imperial Guards).


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Absolutely brilliant work. Also not super familiar with approved colors, but I really like your color selection and weathering. It’d be super cool to see a whole ensemble!

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