Backpack/Cannon mount


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Here is my med kit that I just finished up, made mostly just out of foamies and used some more construction foam for the cannon platform. The cannon can be taken on and off and is held in place by 2 20oz bottle tops that fit the cylinder part very snug (I work for a soda company so I just took one of those poll signs that advertise prices/new products that are made to fit bottle caps anyways) This will proble be velcroed onto the back of my shoulder pad armor so I can take it on and off to prevent it from being smashed while sitting in a car or something. And once again i am open to suggestions on how I can make it better, so let me know.

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Yeah iv already started to add to it to make it look better, I tend to do that a lot, I dont think anything I work on is ever truly finished, b/c I keep looking at it thinking it can look better.
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