Backdraft (1991) Firefighter’s Helmet


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I’m looking to replicate the firefighters helmet worn by Kurt Russell in the movie Backdraft. (Either the one he wears while he’s playing Stephen McCaffrey or the older style helmet he wears at the opening of the movie when he’s playing his father Dennis McCaffrey.)

As I understand it, these things are difficult to find, collectible in their own right and therefore expensive.

If anyone has any idea on where I can get a decent replica, or a really close base model that I can easily mod with the right accessories I’d very much appreciate it.

Any and all info on either of these helmets is much appreciated.


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I believe it was a leather Cairns helmet. Leather fire helmets are outrageous in price. I would go for a composite from The Fire Store or a used on on eBay. I've been in the fire service for 20 years and just cant bring myself to buy a leather.


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Yep, Cairns leather helmet...:cool:(y)

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