Back to the Future Reunion at Showmasters LFCC


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What's the craic glitches!
So I live in Belfast, Northern Ireland and I'm going to Showmaster's London Film and Comic Con this summer and I'll be cosplaying Marty McFly like many, many, many more people as there is a Back to the Future Reunion happening there. I literally can only go to this one in London because it's my birthday present (which is tomorrow :p 18 woohoo!)but it's eeeeeeeeeeeeeeexpensive as hell and a once in a life time oppertunity.

I got the Christopher Lloyd Diamond pass so I can get pictures and autographs and all basically guaranteed. Then yesterday they announced Michael J. Fox will be there and I ran down to my daddy and basically collapsed and cried at him. However for a photo it's £95 and if you want an autograph, you need to buy a special pass to get other things which costs £445 :S Hahahaha, no. I'll be getting the photo just as I can understand why he can't do autographs because of his Parkensons Disease and a lot will be donated to charity but HOLY HELL. :O

Anyway a bunch of other cast members from it will also be there like Lorraine and Jennifer and even Strickland and Mayor Goldie Wilson XD So I've been thinking, what should I get signed? I could get my bodywarmer/vest/gilet signed on the inside but it could get washed off or fade over time :'( Then there are my BTTF NES games but there might not be enough room on them. Then there is my triple box set of BTTF which has plenty of room but I bought it second hand and is really grubby and worn away corners.

So then I came up with this idea ... what if I make the hoverboard and get them to sign the underside of it! It will cost A LOT as I want to make the magnets magnetic so I can remove them easily and then put clear wheels and trucks on so it looks like I am floating XD What do you think? It will cost like £100 to make the board and £300 for everyone autographs (Doc's was already paid for in the pass), a photo with MJF and the two talks but it will be amazing, at least I think it will be. I'll mostly likely not be getting anything else as it will all be

Also, anyone knows how I can maybe earn all this money because I've already borrowed a lot of money from my mummy for fabrics. I'm hoping that I'll get a fair amount of money tomorrow which I might use some for other conventions which are sooner and getting a job in the summer to help pay off everything.

Until then, keep pixelated glitches!


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There's a convention section on the website. I believe your post would be more appropriate in there. I will also be going to comic con. It sures is a lifetime experience. I really envy the ones who can afford a diamond pass for jfox ^^! I guess the hover board would be a good item to have autographed. I personally would go with photographs.... :)

Mike J.

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Or you could get them to sign a Save the Clock Tower flyer, which would be substantially cheaper....

Or replica newspapers from Part II?

Anyway, congrats! Have fun at the con.


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Oops, was there :S

Anyway, here's an update. So today is my birthday and my mummy and daddy got me the Gray's Sports Almanac XD It's blank on the inside so I can even get them to sign that! Autographs and photos cost the same but sometimes they let you take they're photo if it's on your phone or camera for free. I think the pictures that are mentioned on the site are the premade ones of them that you can buy and get signed. So if they let me, I can have they're autograph on one page and they're picture on the other! I always do that with Disney autographs.

It would mean that then I'm not spending £100 to make a board and not even knowing if I can take it with me! The hoverboard will be a future project I can work on later in the year because nothing really happens for me in the second half on the year. I'll be printing all the stuff like the save the clock tower leaflet and all that out myself. I have all the jpegs already. Just waiting until closer to the convention to print them so I'm not losing them and wasting ink.
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