Back To The Future Repair Instructions?


Hi all dont know if anyone can help but im looking for the instructions that doc sends marty on how to repair the time machine i have all other parts wich i have made my self but cant seem to find any pics of the repair instructions,
if anyone could help that would be great.

Alan Castillo

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Re: Back To The Futre Repair Instrucions

Hi & welcome to the RPF :)

Check out / try / search, the Paper Props sub-forum. I'm sure there's something there :thumbsup


Re: Back To The Futre Repair Instrucions

Cheers Alan and thank you for the welcome, ill check out the sub-forum see if there is anything is there,


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some guys added the schematic drawing, but personally I think thats wrong because its handdrawn and cannot include the original Mr. Fusion Logo in detail... :confused


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i remember seeing the scymatics on the time machine in the mines but you only get very quick glimps of it, the one in the work shop is the map to the mine and where the time machine is.
Oh. Guess I got it mixed up. (Thought I saw some wiring diagrams, with the zigzag things for diodes, with the Doc talking about how big the circuit was going to be compared to the IC chip.)

Sorry. Memory lapse.


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As big as the mine map, or a little bit bigger...

Dont know... I thought maybe the diagram is a modified version of the original DeLorean diagrams, so it could be the same size... anyone know how big the original delorean diagrams were?
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