Back to the Future Remake

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by Vivek, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Vivek

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  2. hankey01

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    I still think they could do a decent CG sequel (Zemekis's Polar Express or Beowulf style) with the original actors as voices. They already have the 3d model of the Flux Capacitor done. :p So long as it stays somewhat grounded they could literally visit any time!

    Of Fox isn't available get our AJ!!!
  3. EyeofSauron

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    i swear if they so much as touch these movies, i will round up a crowd, go to hollywood, and stone them
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  4. Jeyl

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    Back to the Future for me represents one of the most perfect movies ever made. Great characters, great story, nothing is wasted, nothing is out of place, the music is spectacular and anyone can love it.
  5. kursosawa

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    What he said.
  6. Vivek

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  7. Wes R

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    Good thing as I see a remake being a major financial loss.
  8. jcoffman99

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    This style needs to die!!!! The only good thing to come from it was that Zemekis' last film tanked so bad they pulled the plug on his Yellow Submarine remake.
  9. Solo4114

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    I want to remake a remake of a remake of a remake.
  10. TheRealMcFly

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    Bob Gale said it best,

    Do you want to see another Back to the Future without Fox?

    Glad to know this isn't for real. Don't do it BTTF franchise caretakers.
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  12. JLeezy23

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    I think its on the dvd commentary, somewhere they mention Universal owning BTTF as a title and can do what they want with it, meaning add sequels or remakes. But Gale and Zemeckis own the characters rights, including Doc and Marty, so even if they did a remake or a sequel they would have no original characters. Something along those lines, can't have one without the other, and its fine as a trilogy. I hope those two find immortality LOL. The best way to bank off of this franchise is merchandising, there's ALWAYS more room for BTTF merch!
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  13. Philly

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    Studios will be after you now :lol
  14. Mola Rob

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    I heard a rumor that Eric Stoltz is going to play Marty in the remake.
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  15. Solo4114

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    'Back to the Future remake?'
    Not happening!
    Stop asking me the question.
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  16. somerset fox

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    A remake would have to be made in the present (2015- much like BTTF2) and keeping the premise, send our hero back 30 years to meet his parents etc. I don't see the premise working. The '50's had a naive charm which perfectly suited the original. The '80s weren't that different to now. Kids today listen to music from the '80s without thinking it odd. By 1985 all three Star Wars films had come out. Other than big hair, big phones, and dubious fashion choices, a kid from 2015 would not look out of place in 1985.
  17. Laspector

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    Besides, didn't Hot Tub Time Machine kinda already do that story?
  18. halliwax

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    well said buddy!
  19. batguy

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    Give the remake an all-female cast. That'll fix it.
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  20. 0neiros

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    Justin Bieber as Marty
    Dwayne Johnson as Biff
    Russel Brand as Doc Brown
    Shia Lebouf as George Mcfly
    Iggy Azalea as Jennifer
    Chloe Kardashian as Elaine Mcfly
  21. Cephus

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    Good thing Robert Zemeckis says that so long as he's alive, he will never allow a remake.
  22. hdtheater

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    I don't want a 4th movie, a reboot, or a remake. This trilogy is perfect as it is!
  23. jarroth

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    why remake? no one ever noticed Doc went off in his locomotive time machine, having two kids called jules and verne? where did they go? disapear into thin air?
  24. OldKen

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    Wait... I could handle an old doc spinoff/continuation/seperate trilogy if they hired the right people to play Jules and Verne...

    Have Christopher Lloyd reprising his role of the Doc as a small cameo even...

    The kids (now adults) could be taking after their dad...

    Or maybe one is a genius, the youngest being a Marty esque character. Young and free spirited. Good at getting into and out of trouble while the older looks at everything strictly scientifically.....

    Holy ****.........

    I want to see what they could do with that concept!!!

    But 110,000,000% NO REBOOTS.

    You can't replace Lloyd or Fox...

    Not possible.
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  25. JLeezy23

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    April 1st publish date:
  26. OldKen

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    Thank you for the link.

    I really don't feel like I've ever heard or read that...

    Just like when I "write a guitar riff" and realize I heard it before maybe? LOL!!!

    I still want to see it...

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