Back to the future question I need answering


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Hi guys/gals, this is going to seem a stupid question for most of you but in the movie BTTF 2 in newspaper 'GEORGE McFLY HONORED/MURDERED' which actors picture is used? Crispin Glover or Jeffrey Weissman?

Without looking it up, I'm gonna say it was Crispen, the same picture that is on the back of the novel at the end of BTTF.
If it is and I think your right I've nothing for Jeffrey Weissman to sign at comic con this weekend, bugger it!
It is indeed Crispin, but its not from the back cover of the novel. He is wearing glasses in that back cover photo.

The newspaper actually has a photo of Crispin from the end of Back to the Future.

I think Jeffrey will have these store photos of him as George McFly at the signing table. But if you want a prop replica, then perhaps you can go with the Pizza Hut wrapper.

Oh, who's going to eat all that?

Oh, I will
Yea its definatly Crispin in that photo. I don't know if youve ever seen a clear picture of Jeffery in the makeup, but with all the facial prosthetics they put on him in order to make him look more like Crispin Glover, he ended up looking really bizarre and almost unhuman.
Nice, what day you going? Can't decide whether to take my cadilac model or wooden model of the deloreon Doc made? Haven't a clue what to get Lea to sign...

im hoping to take my home made flux and have it signed by chris lloyd and lea :)

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