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I've been wanting something from Back to the Future for a while and I'm very pleased with this one. It's an original phone book page featuring the Doc Emmett Brown 1640 Riverside Dr - Scientist line as shown in close up on the film.
It's yellowed a little with age, but it's still in great condition.
Big thanks for CLS for the display. Next I need to start looking for a little something from BttF 2 & 3! :love




That's great my friend! This is my original production flyers (it isn't a screen used cause was used when Stoltz was Marty and changed with M.J.Fox... but it is an original production flyer).

Thanks for the kind words guys, years of BttF replicas filling up my displays, it was about time for something original! :lol

cool, how much did it set you back tho? :)

Not as much as you might think! I was in the right place at the right time and picked it up for a fraction of the price I've seen similar items go for
Thats kinda cool. Just a piece of paper can turn into a framed piece to display. Cool.

As with any prop being more than just a piece of resin, rubber or metal..this is slightly more that "just a piece of paper" turned into a display lol but thanks anyway for your comment..
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