Back To The Future Hoverboard Scratch Build


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Hey guys, just completed my first hoverboard build, as well as my first real "wood working" prop.
I really have always loved the kind of gnarly, beat up look of Bob Gales screen used boards. I also wanted the sturdiness of a wooden "hero".
There are some differences between the hero style and the stunt, but I kind of took the things I liked from both and mashed them up.
Here's where I start. Went with 28 x 8. Got some really bad vacuformed parts. Decals printed on vinyl. 25 degree angle
On the kick tail.
Opted to go with better magnets and battery. I think the others were molded from Matty parts. They were huge.
Cut the board down to size and sanded. In the battle between rounded and beveled, rounded won.
Hot pink on the board, decals on. Found footstrap material.
Decals not applied perfectly, and board dimensions slightly off... most noticeable here.
Velcro applied.
Footpad completed, made of laser cut wood instead of foam. Shaved the fur down shorter. I much prefer the
Stunt "silver" reflective siding to the pink lenticular, so I went with that. All in all, far from perfect... not incredibly
Screen accurate... but I'm happy with it!
Nice work sweartoeric!
Scratch build is not easy and you can be proud of your work, even with flaws.
Everything looks good, except maybe the color of the pink fur. The pink is too light in my opinion.
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Thanks! I agree about the fur. I realized after the fact that my reference pics were all of pretty light foot straps. Now I'm seeing a lot of dark ones.
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