back to the future flying train 80 inches long


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hello every one I have just completed my latest project for the film and sci fi museum in Milton Keynes England. a large scratch built flying version of the steam train in back to the future 3. its is all plastic sheet with the addition of evergreen rod and tube and also EMA rod and tube plus a few tiny kit parts. It has taken me just over two months to build and is 80 inches long 14 inches high and 2 feet wide at the wings. It will soon be on display in the museum so if you get chance go and have a look around there are many great sci fi related items and also many film items on display. if any one is interested on how it was built I do have all the build images or you need any other info please ask.
thanks for having a look,
take care and keep safe
best regards Barrie ( the old guy )
Wow Barrie...mateo_O!! What a fantastic build (y)(y):cool::cool: Your workmanship increases in quality, build after build:notworthy::notworthy:
Thank you joberg, well they practise makes perfect, but not in this case as not having any plans or diemensions to work from and only working from internet images it did not turn out to bad though as there seems to be a lot of differences in the images on the net so I combined bits from each .
thanks for the kind comments
keep safe and well regards Barrie ( the old guy )
thank you very much for your kind comments,
if you get chance go to the museum at Milton Keynes it is crammed full of goodies

regards Barrie
That needs kitting
Thank you mr Publisher,
I never even considered that as all my model are built on a one of basis, I guess that the model could be scanned and then sent to a 3 d printing device to make the bits, I just wish I had that kind or resource on hand but I do not maybe some one will do that in the futrure I could ask the people at the museum and then any profits from sales could be pumped back into the charity.
thank you for your comments
regards Barrie ( the old guy ) keep safe and well

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