Back to the Future Flux Capacitor Case

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Note: This is a great opportunity for EU buyers, but I will ship worldwide if someone wants me to.

I'm starting to realize that I'll probably never get around to building a Flux Capacitor as I still have to finish my hoverboard. So, off it goes. This is (as far as my research showed) the correct make and model case for the Flux capacitor. It is NOT a casting or a 3d print but the real found part!

It's NEW and unused, as seen in the photos.

These are not available in Europe
and I had to go through quite a few hoops (not to mention expenses) to get one to Sweden. All the eBay sellers I tried either had the wrong model or would not answer messages. (One of them wanted 300+ dollars in shipping alone by FedEx!)

So, for someone on this side of the pond that wants to build an accurate replica, this is a good opportunity to get one with minimal hassle. (I can't recall the last time I saw one for sale over here, if ever.)

This thing is HEAVY so shipping will probably be around $45



Please do NOT use the buy-it-now button but contact me via PM if you want it.
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