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Back to the Future 2 - 2015 McFly light up Talking Jacket

Buy now for 160 USD
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Selling this BTTF 2015 McFly jacket.

This is the sleeves are rubber like and adjustable. The buttons on the waist light up and say "size adjustment and auto dry" quotes.

Jacket's licensed from Universal Studios and a size Small and fits up to a 42" chest.

Price includes shipping to the US.


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Not to stick my nose in but I am a size 42 chest and have this same jacket in a size medium and it fits me snug. Granted I bought it a long time ago so it's possible the sizing has changed. I know the website says small fits up to a 42 but you might want to measure it across the chest to be sure.
I might add - It's an awesome jacket and well made. Worth the asking price.

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