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Babylon 5 Costumes from Warner Bros (Lots O' Pics)


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After reading this thread...

I went to the Paley Center and took a bunch of pictures of the Babylon 5 exhibit. Not all of the pictures are wonderful, but I will be going back in the next week to take more and hopefully better. The Bab 5 displays are all against a wall, so unfortunately I am unable to get pictures of the backs of the costumes. I took pictures of G'Kar, Londo, Kosh, and Delenn,). If there's another picture you'd like, please let me know. I'm going back in a week or so to take (hopefully) more accurate pictures. Enjoy.


Thought I'd add these to the first post. enjoy...

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Re: Babylon 5 Costumes from Warner Bros














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Thanks so much for posting these! I replicated a few of those "back in the day" and would've given a body part for those shots back then! :D my G'Kar didn't turn out too far off! *happy dance*


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Wonderful photos and thank you for posting them, but boy, up close (and not on video) it's clear that their wardrobe person clearly had a fetish for tacky upholstery fabric and dried tripe! =P


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Thank you for posting these as Babylon 5 was and is a favorite of mine. It has always amazed me when it comes to costuming these shows the dedication to detail the costume designers and seamstresses give.It would seem that most of the time the details get lost to the camera or just taken for granted. These costumes are beautiful.


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Glad that everyone's liked it so far :) One thing that's always really bugged me when trying to get referance material is that - there's no referance. Usually very few if any close ups, and almost no useful size comparison. That will change this weekend. I'm going back with a ruler so all the pictures can be looked at in perspective. You'll be able to see how much an inch (or 6) is and then be able to measure accordingly to see how wide and tall Kosh is. You'll be able to make Londo's trinkets to scale, instead of guessing. For anyone that's going to be in LA, this is a really cool exhibit, and I recommend you go. $10 to get in and free parking across the street for the first 2 hours - not bad. Aside rom Babylon 5 exhibit, there's Friends (I still haven't seen a full episode), Seinfeld (same), Big Bang Theory, V (1984), Drew Carey (one of Mimi's dresses), True Blood, a bunch of early animation, and other way cool stuff. Next week I'll be posting ShelBot from Big Bang Theory (with ruler).


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Nice shots, Dark Pope! :cool

FYI, there's two-hour visitor parking beneath the Paley Center in case you make a return visit.

"Be seeing you."


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So I went back for round 2. I took some pictures of Sheridan, and got some measurement pics. In the measurement pics, the ruler was about 5 inches from the costume, and the camera was about 4 inches from the ruler. Here are those pics.

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