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Been awhile since I made a cardboard axe from scratch, but got this commission for a Babyface axe (The Hills Run Red) which is my first, and similar to the part 8 fire axe I did except I did not use red on the blade. Also made some "bloody chunks" on the axe and may add some hair if I have any left. About 80% done still got to add thicker blood. Handle was brand new and light white so I made it look more like aged wood as with my last plastic one. May do a Babyface costume sometime as well.

Thanks, it is a commission for a costume. But may be able to be used for a lifesized with a plastic handle, as I believe wood would be too heavy, but may work if you connected it with something.

Added thicker blood and blood soaked hair, looks a little lighter and brighter than it is due to all the red. Looks like the axe was just pulled from a fresh head.

Got the nasty bloody chunks with hair complete. Damn I got to make one of these for myself now for the future costume lol.

that a cardboard axehead?

never-mind i apparently don't know how to read the original post. herp derp
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Yeah I have made cardboard replicas for a long time, they look even more real in person and hold up in bright light. But I love how they look at night. I started making my own weapons as a kid due to limited cash, so my creativity blossomed. I also repaint plastic axes and may be making some resin and rubber ones later.
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i'm just never a fan of how you can see the corrugation markings on cardboard after they get painted. its definitely creative though. i'm digging the chunks of hair and stuff in the blood. :)
Yeah I use smooth and medium thick cardboard, but you you can't see the lines from a distance, and not all in low lighting. It is even harder with all the weathering. I have done some that were bigger so no lines were visible, but more difficult to fit the handle without a lot of tape. But dry there are no lines visible if you don't have to bend it. It is a complicated process. But I never seen anyone make them like I do, and only did it out of necessity as I said, and they are great for costuming and 100% safe and light. Everyone always asks me if my axes are real at my events, and I mostly do New Blood style axes which are darker brown and blacks, and hide the cardboard even more so. But as I said I want to do replicas out of resin, foam, or rubber eventually. But these are a good alternative to the crappy plastic ones in stores which I also repaint. I have a thread here of some I did, also did a Creeper ones awhile back that came out great.
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