Babydoll's Colt 1911 (Sucker Punch) - an attempt at more accurate decals etc.

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So my girlfriend wants to do Babydoll for Comic Con. No complaints here. ^____^

I decided I wanted to get a much more engraved look from my decals.

I'll try to write in some detail in case it helps you do your own!

I started by scanning 1200 DPI from the book to get a lot of detail. (At the end I'll scale this down to 300dpi in several steps with sharpening, and that will result in nicely smoothed final lines)

Screenshot 2014-06-28 11.37.18.png
After hand painting out some dodgy areas, I had a clean representation of the graphics. A good PS trick is to not just do a levels crunch, which will make edges crappy and lose detail - but instead just hand paint with the dodge tool set to highlights.

Screenshot 2014-06-28 11.39.55.png
This allows you to just kinda sloppily paint away the crap without touching the goodness, like on the right side of this:
Screenshot 2014-06-28 11.39.40.png

I knew that this graphic wasn't correct from the photos of the screen used props (or as close to screen used as we have), for instance I wanted to add the screen/dot texture. But I knew some other things were off as well, so I did a little perspective warping on the pic of an original gun to see all the differences.

Screenshot 2014-06-28 11.49.30.png

Set to difference mode allows you to line it up perfectly to the scanned graphics:
Screenshot 2014-06-28 11.53.02.png

In addition to the screen texture, I noticed they had made the B a bit narrower, and also the width between the flowers was narrower. There's a lot of room between the B and the first scroll element so I added that. I chopped it at the red lines to make it match. Below shows A. chopped gfx, B. from gun pic, C. original scan gfx
Screenshot 2014-06-28 12.31.42.png

I'd assume the book graphics might have been an earlier version. As they worked with it they may have had to modify it. The prop photos we have are of an unknown stunt(?) gun - but I'm thinking no one would have took the time to dramatically change the graphics, so I'm comfy using that as 'screen accurate'. At least until something better comes along. ;-)

Below is my repaint of the cut parts. I command clicked the red channel to get a perfect selection of the artwork to separate it from the white background. Just create a new layer and fill the selection with black.

Screenshot 2014-06-28 13.07.23.png

This allows you to now use layer styles to build up an engraved look:
Screenshot 2014-06-29 13.26.22.png

So it can go from the normal flat black-and-boring look:
Screenshot 2014-06-29 13.26.04.png

to a faked textured and etched look:
Screenshot 2014-06-29 13.25.56.png

Screen print stuff next!


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    Screenshot 2014-06-28 13.55.09.png
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For the screen pattern, I basically traced the exact size and pattern from the corrected photo, and made a pattern out of it. (Edit>define pattern)

Then I just created a layer mask and painted out the details - and the edges.

Screenshot 2014-06-28 19.42.07.png

Screenshot 2014-06-29 13.40.23.png

I also applied the layer style to the pattern - to give it that slight inner shadow for the engraved look.

I really loved how the outer dots are thinner - not faded and the same size - so - a bit of a pain - but I duplicated the dot pattern and added an inner glow of 1 pixel set to white - and put those dots towards the outer edges (via layer masks) to give the dots more of a thick and thin varieté:
Screenshot 2014-06-29 13.42.16.png


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Did a temporary test for how it would look on the gun... Very thick decal edges since for the test I did inkjet + two clear coats before cutting - but other than that, happy so far. At least I think it's the right direction. :)

Screenshot 2014-06-29 14.41.14.png

Screenshot 2014-06-29 14.45.51.png

Screenshot 2014-06-29 14.49.15.png


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The outer flower. So this art doesn't exist anywhere as far as I know. I've seen a few variations but none of them struck me as fitting in the art style of the piece just perfectly.

I was looking at the awesome decals Epilepticsquirl did, and how I think he took these flowers from his decals here:
Screenshot 2014-06-29 16.54.30.png
Screenshot 2014-06-29 16.51.00.png

and made his side flowers:
Screenshot 2014-06-29 16.50.42.png

Since I was making my own I decided to hunt down if there were any good photos - best I could find was from the art of book.

Screenshot 2014-06-29 17.00.04.png


Screenshot 2014-06-29 17.00.30.png

Here I leveled it up and perspective corrected it:

Screenshot 2014-06-28 15.08.53.png

Below is the best/perspective corrected I could get out of the book without going too crazy timewise. Hope it helps!

Screenshot 2014-06-29 17.05.25.png

And from there started drawing my own - using one of the flowers from the existing art:

Screenshot 2014-06-28 15.28.27.png

Now the set is done.

Screenshot 2014-06-28 19.42.16.png

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So for cutting I have two options - one is to cut near the artwork, and the other is to cut wide around it and let the edges of the gun define the cuts.

First idea was to cut intricately around it - so I setup a silhouette cameo to do the precise cuts. Works perfect with blade set to 5.

First I made a vector file in Illustrator to define the cuts:

Screenshot 2014-06-29 18.15.52.png

And sent to the Silhouette with the 'connect' plugin, which then aligns them via laser. I love this thing - keep finding new uses for it. :)

2014-06-28 22.40.44.jpg

Perfect cuts!
Screenshot 2014-06-29 18.18.11.png

Made a few cos I always mess 'em up:
Screenshot 2014-06-29 18.18.41.png

But I'm also thinking of just cutting them to the shape of the gun - so I decided to scan the gun in at 300dpi. This will align perfectly with my 300dpi graphics.

Screenshot 2014-06-29 12.14.20.png

I actually should have done this at first because it really allows you to align things perfectly to how you want them on the gun. I also took my perspective corrected images of both sides of the screen props and aligned them to the 1:1 scans of my gun. This allowed me to size the graphics as perfectly as possible. They ended up be a bit smaller than I had before.

I also made new cut lines - which overshot the physical ends of the gun:
Screenshot 2014-06-29 17.21.12.png

Now I just want to print on a laser printer, to have super thin decals, but apparently everything closes at 6 on a Sunday, even in Vegas.

So, to be continued...

PS, thanks Nopal and Saint357! :)


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very nice attention to detail on this. Cant wait to see the final result!

i acutally do custom engrave work and this is going to be a project i take on in the near future. That close up of the flower near the hammer really helps out!


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Thanks ShogunLogan!

Ah man don't tempt me about your custom engraving! haha. I'm imagining that's QUITE pricy...

Glad it helps tho! It's a gorgeous prop to try to replicate, that's for sure!

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REALLY nice work on this, best I've seen, I think. :thumbsup :thumbsup

Out of curiosity, will you be making the trigger black on your replica, to match the screen-used 'hero' piece?


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I'm having my real steel 1911A1 modded (beaver tail, burred hammer, extended safety, hard chrome) and figured I'd go the extra mile if funding persists and have it laser etched with your design work, if you're down? Would need a physical and digital copy. But damn would this thing be screen accurate!

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