Babydoll for friend


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So my friend Anne wants a Babydoll costume for Halloween but for under $200.
She is coming over tonight for measurements, but since I'm doing several costumes for people for Halloween for time sake (& that I don't have a sewing machine) I will be using & modifying the Cosplay Babydoll costume.
And I will be making the gun & mag holster from leather.


Here is the gun I will be modifying.


And the sword.



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If anyone else knows of a cheap but maybe a little better gun I could modify that would be sweet.
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If you hop on Ebay there is a 1911 gun for 20 bucks. I bought one for a Babydoll costume photoshoot myself about a week ago and it was perfect! PM me if you would like more info. Also there is a guy on here that does the decals for pretty cheap & they are 100% screen accurate!


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I have the decal, the charms, & the plastic Babydoll sword. Sadly it didn't come with the scabbard. (Don't order through costumecraze)

Will post pics of gun progress updates.


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For the paint, I would strongly recommend the Rust-Oleum all surface satin nickel... The nickel finish comes out spot on (as long as you take your time laying multiple thin coats).


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Overall the costume turned out awesome. :D She placed 3rd in a costume contest. Waiting for her to post pics so I can post them on here :D
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