Baby Groot - requires some mold making help


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Hi everyone,

After seeing some baby groot sculptures on the forum I wanted to give it a go. It's my first try at sculpting and I used monster clay. I'm absolutely amazed how nice it is to work with, but I thought it would harden a bit more so I could just display it as it is. I live in a very hot climate so that doesn't help either.
My first thought is to make a mold of it and make a few resin castings. I didn't take it into consideration while sculpting so now I'm unsure how to make the mold. The main problem will be the hair but even in the body there's some undercuts. So my question is if there's other types of molds/techniques/materials/ideas how to go about making a mold for this and how I have to modify my clay model in order to get it mold-able?
The model isn't fully done yet, I'm awaiting some guidance before I finish it.

Thanks a lot!

2015-03-22 15.38.23b.jpg2015-03-22 17.59.39b.jpg2015-03-22 17.59.32b.jpg2015-03-27 08.55.17b.jpg