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    Hey guys, I am completely new to cosplaying! I have learned a ton about creating a Spider-Man suit in this time.

    here's some pictures so far!
    11000590_1561885710757553_7001185653724152801_n.jpg 10377067_912657228754638_8476053101531494374_n.jpg 10380343_912657148754646_747259620146640769_n.jpg 11149449_912657175421310_1998812220622367519_n.jpg
    I got my design from Taylor Mcmanus,
    currently waiting for my faceshell and lenses from OracleMade,
    and used Tulip Slick paint

    I am currently still working on attaching some shoe soles!
    and yes the zipper is not perfect :( me and my mom sewed this together and it was our first time!
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    Very nice for a first time!
    The puff paint came out very nice. I recommend trying to paint the lens frames red!
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    thanks! yeah it really adds depth to the suit! and i'm actually waiting for my miles morales faceshell and lens! should be here this week

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