B-Wing Pilot Helmet build


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After I received a cast of a RL member B-Wing Helmet kit. I begin to made a mold for the Visor. The B-Wing Visor looks like indentical to the A-Wing Blast shield. I made the A-Wing helmets and the problem was that the visor was a little bit larger than for the B-Wing cast so I made a new mold and yesterday I made the first pull.I like the framed version so I made the frame from the same mold to.The next step is tinted one half of the visor yellow and install the rest for the helmet like the cables. The last picture showed
the original one which my helmet is based from. 100_1409.JPG 100_1407.JPG 100_1406.JPG 100_1405.JPG B-Wing.jpg

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Looking good. :)

The kits are finished, two have been sent already, right now I'm just trying to get the chestbox greeblies done and then everything will be finished (for the orders that wanted a helmet/chestbox/belt box). It's been so hot here that the silicone isn't setting right...

FYI, Ywingfighter made his own greeblies and visor. :)
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Update.... Helmet is ready for action. I use to tinted the visor clear yellow vinyl foile which where original used for car lamps. Here are pictures


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