Away Mission Carry Case.

As the weather here (Winter) means I can't spray paints for a while I thought I would start getting the insides of an away mission case started. This will be for holding 2x phaser, 2x Padd and some other stuff as required. What 'foam' do you guys use when making these? I'm looking for something inexpensive i.e. cheap that is easily cut for the insert shapes etc... I'm looking online locally to purchase the foam most use but I don't know what its called. Case foam, camera case foam etc... doesn't produce anything meaningful here sadly.
Also whats the best manual way to trace the shape you want, chalk outline or?... and cutting it, stanley knife, electric bread knife? I don't have access to cnc or lasers unfortunately.
Sorry for all the questions but this is totally a new area for me :)


Sr Member
I have used a chalk wheel and scissors to mark and cut foam. I found black 1" foam at an upholstery shop in their car/boat department. I layered it as needed. I think I used 3M Super 77 to attach the layers.

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