AVP Bio - Mysteria Models


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I just met the postman at the door and he had a nice surprise for me.
I ordered a Mysteria Models AVP Bio - (Alien Hunter Bio) about 6 days ago so it shipped way fast. Anyway , I thought people might be interested in seeing the raw Bio as i got it just now.






I'd also heard these were supposed to be smaller but this dude is huge. :popcorn:


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As far as I know thats the only bio that is full size that Mysteria make, I know the P1 is under sized cos I've got one. Lookin forward to seeing that painted up.


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yeah nice

true the P1 is the smallest. the deluxe a lil bit bigger.

the AVP is like full size and fits on my half mask too.


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A bit more work last night...
Cutting the eyes...

I found it really useful to do this outside so as not to breathe too much of the fumes in. Also, I had my compressor going using lots of air to blow away the dust periodically to help my old eyes see what I'd cut.


After a hot bath last night. I really liked the look as I pulled it from the bath. The droplets on the mask looked awesome. I may try to paint something like that effect if I can.


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It's real nice how much did you get it for?
$137 shipped to the US. I didn't know if that was a great price or not, but I'm very happy with the mask and the quality. I'm also going to get a Hez Bio as well at a later date. Here is a link to Mysteria.. Mysteria Models
I have a feeling that collecting these, and painting them up, will become slightly addictive. :popcorn:
I picked up some primer at Wally World at lunch, so more playtime tonight.


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Yup - Bio painting is HIGHLY addictive and fun too :eek: Good luck with the priming/painting process

Yes... so much so that I couldn't wait and primed after lunch (during a work break of course).


Poured some acid on it ... (hey Aliens spit the stuff! It didn't do much by the way.)


Set it on fire...


Which gave me a bit of bubbling...


And then I rattle-canned it with whatever paint I could find in the garage (orange, Aluminum, and black).


I know it needs more work but dammit... I just couldn't stop myself. Hell, I'll probably paint it again tomorrow. :popcorn:


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It's better because I used a brush and stayed away from orange. But... I've done this repaint but I'm still not happy with the results. How do you guys get such a sheen on your masks?


now with LEDs installed...

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