Avoid MaxWigs on Amazon - They're awful

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Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place.

I purchased a packaged set from MaxWigs of a mustache, Spirit Gum and Remover for a March 16 Con.

Awful, awful, awful customer service.

Delivered my order with pieces missing, had to be reminded multiple times to ship the missing components, then shipped the exact same incomplete order again. By the time the omitted parts arrived, the event for which I’d ordered them had come and gone -MaxWigs managed to chew up a month with their mistakes and made no attempt to make the situation right.

Their attitude is arrogant and dismissive and their customer communication is abysmal. I would strongly suggest you buy from anyone else, the quality of their products is average at best.

For your reading pleasure, here’s my complete, unedited email thread with these jokers:

Feb 19
Me: The mustache arrived today, but there is no Spirit Gum and remover. Was it shipped separately?

: Let us check on that Eric...could have just been an oversight. We'll get you one out tomorrow

Feb 27
Me: I have not received anything. Did you send the Spirit Gum and Remover?

: Sorry....shipping today. We've been having weather issues.

March 9
Me: Still haven’t received it. Please provide a shipping number. If it doesn’t arrive this weekend I’ll be reversing payment and filing a complaint with Amazon and PayPal.

: [sic]we do show that it was shipped and delivered Feb 19 but [sic] we'l send you another one today. If you do not want it, simply click on Return Items and we'll refund you in full. That is all you'd have to do.

Me: Ordered the full kit with spirit gum and remover and only received the mustache. In the thread below you indicated the missing pieces would be shipped. Were they? Sending a second mustache doesn't fix the original problem.

Please send me a tracking number for the remaining order.

Thank you.

March 14
Me: I ordered the mustache with gum and remover on Feb 9. The mustache was delivered on 2/19 with no spirit gum or remover.

On the same day I notified you of the missing pieces and was told they would put in the mail on the same day -they were not and nothing was shipped.

On February 27 I notified you that no shipment had been received, you responded that you had weather issues and would send it -again nothing shipped.

On March 9 I again notified you that I had received nothing, specifically told you not to send a second mustache without including the gum and remover.

Today, March 14, I received a second mustache with no spirit gum and remover.

Your packing slip included with both shipments specifically lists the order includes spirit gum and remover.

I ordered this piece for an event 4 weeks early and yet I don’t have what I need because of mistakes and omissions on your part.

The email thread below contains our correspondence.

You need to make this right.

Please ship, at your expense, the spirit gum and remover FedEx same day service. It needs to be at my doorstep tomorrow, Friday March 15.

I have attached a picture of both shipments and their contents for your reference.


MaxWigs: Eric, its 6pm here....we can ship you spirit gum and remover tomorrow morning. [sic]I. An even give you tracking number tonight. However it will not get to you tomorrow

Me: On what date should I expect delivery?

MaxWigs: It's literally leaving tomorrow morning from our OKC office....Monday

Me: That’s the fastest shipping you can manage? What service are you shipping with?

MaxWigs: What do you suggest on a [sic] friday?

Me: FedEx can have it to me by Friday by noon. UPS can have it delivered by 9:00 am Saturday.

MaxWigs: By noon from where? We do not have an office in Kansas City. And this is not a Amazon shipped item.

March 15
Me: I suggest you go to the FedEx, DHL and UPS websites and determine the best option they offer for expedited shipping to me.

MaxWigs: Thank you for [sic]suggestion

March 18
Me: I received the package this afternoon.

As indicated, my target date for the use of the product was missed. Consequently, I am an unhappy and dissatisfied customer.

There’s a well-known expression, a satisfied customer may recommend a company to one person; an unhappy customer will complain to at least 15 people.

What, if anything, are you willing to do to make me into satisfied customer?

If you allow me to remain an unhappy customer, assume that I will post a negative review on your Amazon page and will include our entire string of correspondence as part of the post. I will do the same on your Facebook page, on any third party sites that sell your products, on any of your eBay listings, on the Max Wigs Reviews website (BestHairBuy.com) and on the more popular Cosplay, Anime and Prop making websites including theRPF.com (over 100,000 members worldwide), Kotaku.com and Reddit.

I await your reply.

MaxWigs: Please [sic]please submit a return request so we can refund you...and have you be on your way.

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