Avengers Trailer


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Can't wait to see it, my only well....thing is they keep changing cast
members that were already a good choice to began with like Ed
Norton (David Banner), and that guy they made CAPTAIN AMERICA
NOT A GOOD IDEA AT ALL. They should have got this guy for my money
Sam Worthington and as far as Nick Fury...well I am an old school comic
book fan and I liked the original guy, not that I don't like Sam Jackson
he is one of my favorite actors to watch, but this guy should have been
NICK FURY....Christian Bale!

But I guess that would be going to the well to many times
with an actor but heck the guys good!

All in all the Avengers will be the movie of the YEAR I think.



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Happen to be up early and just checked apple's web site. Its almost 6:30 am on the 11th and no trailer yet. Just the announcement saying "Avengers: watch the trailer tomorrow" .....which is now today. Guess I'll check later on in the day.


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Funny, considering I can tell a lot of what was Cleveland in the trailer. Like the street of exploding cars. I think the soldiers with the humvee coming out of the parking garage was here too.

Still not convinced on him as Banner. Missing Norton already.

Also, Capt has the wings on the hood?!


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So evidently Loki turns Stark into Captain America. Oh, the wonders of trailers and their whacky editting.

Thor apparently has two different costumes.

Still no shot of the Helicarrier or the Skrulls. If we even see them.

Black Widow in action looks like fun.

Not really digging Ruffalo, but will give him a shot.

Alan Cross

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I guess you can accuse me of drinking the kool aid for this film... because, well, when I was eight and reading the Avengers comic books for the first time, I literally WAS drinking Kool aid. And although this looks like everything we've seen before in other Marvel movies... it also looks like a lot of fun. Whedon finally got someone to give him a ****load of money to make an epic comic book movie. Can't wait!


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I'm usually happy with Mark Ruffalo, even in his crappy rom-com roles, so having him portray Banner seems fine to me.

I haven't been disappointed by any of the Marvel movies in some time, so I am eagerly anticipating this one.


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I liked it!

I even liked the techno/rock music playing through it.. which is rare.

The shot of iron man coming out of the water blasting off into the city was great.


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I can't wait to see it, you would think I would be able to watch it off my iPhone considering it's an apple product but I guess I'll have to wait


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Couldn't they use a better villain than Loki, I mean really Loki ? What a cheesy villain. He was cheesy in Thor, he'll be cheesy in this. I think Iron Man will steal the show in this one. The rest are just filler, IMHO. Black Widow is always fun to look at, but the rest Meh. Cheers
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