Avengers Movie Hawkeye Completed! PICS UP


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Hello all, so my frens and i went as the Avengers for Halloween. Just last days, another fren of mine wanted to go. So i had to rush out a costume in 3 days. So i dcided to make a simple one for Hawkeye. Materials used were rubber, foam, electric cables, a zipper. Please feel free to comment.
I havent added the badge however as i didnt think it necessary. Just ordered one and it should be on its way soon. Thanks to Izabel and Don Robert for the rubber!!!

and btw, anyone knows how to post pics? im absolutely clueless about it.


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im actually thinking of doing the hulk, but i need someone with the height stature to make it possible. with a mega muscle suit, prosthetics and air brushing it could actually be possible man
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