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Hey everybody! I've officially started prep on my latest costume project, Captain America's new costume from the upcoming Avengers movie. I'm sure I won't be the only one doing this, but figured I may as well start piecing the parts together now. Luckily there were some great closeup pics taken of the costume on display at SDCC, as well as a few sneaky pics of Chris Evans on location in Cleveland filming some action scenes, so I've got a good number of those saved for reference.


I'm still collecting reference, but while I wait for better pics of the back of the costume to be released, I've got myself some really nice jersey fabric, which is surprisingly bold royal blue, and has a really nice texture to it. It's not 100% accurate, I'll admit, but it's the next best thing in my opinion.


I'll be making the star out of either urethane or resin. I'm hoping to commission gauntlets and boot covers, so they're nice and professionally made. Still not totally sure what I'm doing for the shield. I'd like to get a proper metal replica, but if I can't, I may have to settle for reinforcing and modding the licensed plastic one. I'm also gonna be modding my TFA JesterFX helmet to closer resemble the new Avengers helmet.

Should be an interesting build, as I've sewn stuff before, but never a garment as complex as trousers/pants or shirt. I do like to give myself a lil challenge though, haha. The belt, I'll be making myself, and hopefully it'll have functional pouches, but I'm prepared to sacrifice functionality for appearance if needs be. Right now I'm just trying to use the reference pics to determine how the whole thing is put together, and I'll draw up some sketches to make the whole thing a little easier to digest.
The color of the material looks really close to the stills. Will this be fresh off the line or battle worn?
The color of the material looks really close to the stills. Will this be fresh off the line or battle worn?

I was thinking of going for the "fresh off the line" look, lol. Of course if when I watch the movie, the battle worn look takes my fancy, I might be persuaded to scuff up the suit a bit :p

Hey here's some material I found, I don't know if it helps or not but please keep me posted on your project my friend: http://www.boathouse.com/fabrics/

If you scroll down, I believe there's one there that would work...would it be exact? No. But overall, I think it mat be a quality project. If I'm wrong, hey I'm a rookie anyway, who cares?

Serioulsy, though, look into this.

It's the stretchier one...remember me ! (but only if I'm right) LOL j/k
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That's real handy, RumbleBee, thanks! Though I've now got a friend who attended SDCC and got a close look at the costume. He swears the damn fabric was printed! :S So slightly unsure what to go with now. The fabric I've got at the moment will make for a damn nice mockup if I decide to go with a more accurate fabric for the final suit.
this is interesting. havent seen the movie yet, but this costume is awesome! i'm currently working on a Mortal Kombat character build that will also involve lots of complex clothing design. good luck, i'll pop in every once in awhile to check your progress.
Well they printed the herringbone on the First Avenger suit, so it seems only appropriate that they do the same with this one as well.
I really love this version, nice clean overall look, I love the cowl.

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Hey guys, thanks for all the comments. Here's a quick update on where I am with it.

I plan on starting the main build of the fabric parts of the suit in early-mid November. I've done a detailed drawing of every panel, front and back, and think I have a good understanding now of the way the suit's put together. Here's a really early version of the artwork I was putting together.


I received this pic a couple days ago of the 26" aluminium shield I've commissioned. It's now on it's way to me from America, to here in the UK. Super psyched about this baby, but slightly daunted cos it's been about a decade since I've done anything that involved working with aluminium, let alone tooling it. :p


I've also commissioned one of these awesome urethane stars (with any luck it'll be in silver) from Bamabat.

Great sketches so far. I can't wait to see the progress on this puppy! I'm planning a build of my own (although not Movie Avengers Cap... but instead how I would do a movie version of Cap's costume) It's going to be my first build in forever.

I'll have to keep tabs on this build... looks like you've got a hell of a good start here.
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