Avengers Costume Changes

nick daring

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Found these nice comparison pics of the new Avengers costumes versus the previous incarnations-





I definitely prefer the originals, except for Loki, his new one is better in my opinion.

Scarlet definitely looks better with longer hair, and Thor looks better shorter. Plus why is his new stuff so baggy?
I'd like the new captain america suit better if they had retained the same style helmet...the new one just looks weird...

Thor's and scarlet isn't too bad, I agree that thor's looks like he's swimming in the costume
Yeah, the more I see the new Captain America costume, the less I like it. The helmet and neck part look awkward and overall it just seems to costume-y, for lack of a better word.

The Cap movie costume looks like he's ready for battle while the Avengers movie costume looks like he's ready for bobsledding or something.
i agree, i totally prefer the original captain america costume. For some reason the new costume reminds me of an egg head. the rest, they look good
I agree all the old costumes look far better other than Loki. Caps suit looks way off, looks like Mini Me's face in that helmet. :lol
Ya original Capt costume better, lets hope they CG it better. lol I'm glad I'm dressing as THOR, at least his costume hasn't changed much
I'm with the majority of you guys. Loki's is the only definite improvement. Cap's new costume is TERRIBLE! His head looks too wierd.

It looks to me like Chris Hemsworth has lost a TINY bit of size. And from the other pics I've seen Chris Evans is losing some size aswell. Is it just me or he looks skinnier?
Loki looks more "Lord-of-the-rings-like". I do like Cap's older costume better. I wish that they had incorporated more of the same look (like the chest strap look) for the new one.

Wonder if Stark will unleash the Hulkbuster armor for this one if Avengers have to fight the hulk.

Looks like ScarJo gained a few pounds... maybe its just an awkward picture.

overall all the costumes look cheaper? Maybe they had to put all of the costuming money into a hulkbuster armour ::fingerscrossed:::
I'm up for costume changes but I'm really surprised they changed Thor's hammer.


Metal endcap wasn't needed in my opinion.

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