Avengers costume build. Input greatly appreciated


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So, myself and some of my friends are doing the Avengers (ultimate style) for Halloween and upcoming Tucson comic-con. We are also organizing charity events to raise money for soldiers and their families that are in need. I will be updating this thread with pictures when it gets further along. If anyone has any suggestions on spectacular builds/props/people who make stuff I would greatly appreciate it. We are looking to do movie quality costumes that are true to the characters. For my Cap build I'm already looking into some amazing stuff like fettsters cowl and the shields that Chris Fields makes (both of the amazing artists and craftsmen) spidey4fun has an amazing ultimate style top. I also found some boots and gloves (gloves will require some bleaching of the leather as they are black so I can dye them red) anyone who has leather experience I would love some pointers. Thanks.
If you need any help with designing the patterns for any of them, let me know. I've been working on that stuff a lot lately and would love to try and make some Avengers stuff!
That would be awesome. Definitely something for Hawkeye, Nick Fury, giant/ant man, and wasp would be fantastic. Pretty much open to any input. Spidey4fun has a good ultimate Cap top but I haven't received any replies for him so a pattern for an ultimate Cap top would be sweet.
One of my friends who makes over $300K a year is going to be Hulk but I don't think his heart is into this as much as a few of us. Hopefully he does a good job.
Hulk is no easy task. I've been designing one for a few years, but time is a big constraint for me. I only make 120,000/year but im working 70 hours a week to make that much so I don't have much time. If your friend had the motivation, and was willing to spend the money, he could get a bad ass hulk. Im figuring ill end up spending close to 2-5,000 on mine depending on how extreme I go. My more elaborate designs will be pretty costly due to having to make custom frame work and designing the mechanics of the hands and possibly mask.(though I plan to just make a prosthetic mask)
Thanks. I will point him in that direction. My friend works like maybe 50hrs a week. So he has time. He'd prolly be willing to pay someone to make him one as he isn't great in the creation department (Hulk smash!!! Lol)
Unfortunately things fell through if anyone is even paying attention anymore. Still trying to get things sorted. Had a lot of time away due to work and also legal issues pertaining to custody of my little brother.
Hopefully things will be done by 2013 SDCC. Most of the people dropped out of the plan, but there is a group in AZ, The Arizona Avengers, who are missing a Cap A.
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