Avengers Black Widow Taser Gauntlet

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So, I have a pretty kick-ass Widow costume i made for Starfest and the Avengers premiere. Check the thread here. It wil be undergoing some serious upgrades here this summer, and one of the major upgrades is her gauntlet(s).

During the scene where everyone is getting ready to go "Avenging" and find Loki, Widow powers up her guantlet. Here is a video capture of that bit from the movie: New project! Black Widow's Taser Gauntlet from Avengers - YouTube

So yeah. Going to do that. I will be working with the LilyPad sewable electronics modules and Arduino to make it happen.

Here's my plan:

1) The physical gauntlet

I've got molds ready for the bullet cuff (I should put a post in the junkyard for parties interested in Widow cuffs), so I would be casting new bullets and carving out grooves in them to hold EL wire that would light them up. The slots would punch all the way through, then i'd put in a translucent cover where each window is and give it a light coat of paint to disguise the hole. The glove and cuff would be a single piece that will velcro together on the palm-side. I will also have to make the glove part from scratch to be able to hide the lights in the back of the hand, too. The gauntlet will be entirely self contained = all circuit boards, wiring and the power supply will be attached to it and hidden on the inside.

2) Lighting up the bullet cuff

The cuff will be illuminated by two loops of EL wire. I found am EL driver board that is designed to work with Lilypad and sewable electronics and i'm super excited about it. Basically I hook up up to 3 EL wires (or tape or sheets), attach the inverter WITHOUT the power source (the board powers the EL off the same battery as the Lilypad) and use conductive thread to connect the board +/- to the Lilypad +/- and i'm set to go! Easy peasy.

3) Lighting the back of the hand

The next step is a matter of setting up a series of two sets of 6 or so LEDs to light up consecutively. Haven't figured out the schematics on that yet, but I'll be looking to see if there's an instructable or something someone's already set up before I try to re-figure it on my own.

4) The "Taser"

I plan on wearing this to conventions, so I can't exactly wire a REAL taser to the end. I would like some effect of the sort, though. So after the successive LEDs light up and the white ones at the end are illuminated, the Arduino will tell a set of 3 or 4 LEDs on the end to begin flickering, as if electrically charged. This I also have not figured out the schematics for yet, but I will be following the same research path as #3 on the list.

If anyone has any suggestions for working with Arduino or setting up the circuitry for the LED systems in steps 3 or 4, I'd love to hear them. This is my first time working with Arduino or anything this complicated in general, so I'm pretty excited and nervous at the same time!!

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Awesome ideas. I've been thinking of a similar idea for my girlfriend's BW costume. If you do decide to offer casts of the wrist bands let me know - it will save me the time of having to sculpt and cast them myself.

She's not going for 100% screen accuracy - just a look inspired by the Avengers with some elements of Iron Man 2 (she likes the longer, deeper red curly hair look) as well as the various comic versions.

We've got the 2 Glocks, and she has a seamstress making her a body suit in a black stretch denim that looks pretty good. She also has some boots that she's going to use that are different from the film but still look good for the outfit. We just need to get the holsters, a belt and some fingerless gloves.

I'm going to sculpt the belt buckle soon.


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Wow Hop, that sounds just like us.
mrs.slave1pilot is also doing a BW costume and likes the longer hair and elements from both costumes, so she'll be a hybrid.
Catsuit is the hardest part for us.
We found a seamstress that is doing for her based on her measurements so it will fit perfectly. She (the seamstress) has several fabrics to choose from, and we sent her the hi-res pics of ScarJo in her costume so she's looking for something as close as possible. After looking at what she had we were thinking the stretch denim for durability, versatility (for other costumes) and comfortability.

My girlfriend is around the same size and build as Scarlett (being only 5'3") so we were worried about how the fit of off the rack catsuits would on her.

I'm doing a Hawkeye costume to go with it, and we're thinking about also having her do that one.


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very cool
I have a seamstress friend who does all of my soft parts.
She is awesome, but swamped right now with it being Con season.
She offered to sew one for mrs.slave1pilot, but I didn't want to increase her workload so we are gonna get an off the rack catsuit for SDCC, but most likely will upgrade for Halloween.
mrs.slave1pilot is a couple inches taller than ScarJo and a tad "bustier" , but I know she can pull this costume off without a problem.
I myself am not playing dress up this year so I can wrangle for her. She has never costumed before and I'm excited for her.

anyway, enough of the derail.

Good luck on the lights aeryn, that sounds like quite a chore, but it will be a cool effect.
I saw your discussion on sparkfun and it looks promising.

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HI aeryn! Did you ever decide to sell any of the casts for your widow bites? I tried to sculpt them myself (and failed quite miserably, I might add), and if I had a negative to make my mold I would be the happiest person in the entire world ever. :D :D :D Your costume looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously. I'm dying of jealousy.


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Seconding the need for the widow bites molds or the actual gauntlets! I also tried to sculpt them and.....yeah. Not so great with the sculpey! Selling these would be SO GREAT you have no idea! Please pretty please? Moolah for you! XD


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eep! just saw you guys posted! and yes. i'll be making some here in the next month and selling finished cuffs (no lights, as i haven't had time to work on this) and possibly individual bites. i'll post here again when i get them in the junkyard. widow belts, too, and /maybe/ patches (if i can come up with a more efficient system of painting).

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