Avengers Age Of Ultron Iron Man MKXLIII Full Suit


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Looks very good I'm working on an Iron Man Mark 4 also with Eva...I contemplated using 4 and 5 mm but I thought it might be a little bit too thin you have shown me otherwise.
I'm glad I found this before I proceeded I just finished my chest piece over the weekend and I used 8 mm Eva.

If you don't mind me asking what did you seal the foam with before you painted it... I've been using Plasti dip.

any hints are tips you could give me I would sure appreciate it that's a great job.
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Showing off my latest finished build that i'm planning to sell. The Iron Man MKXLIII suit from Avengers Age of Ultron made of 4-5mm EVA foam. Moving on to my next project that is the War Machine MKII. Hope you like this new build of mine.

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Hi awesome work! Do you still have the foam file for mark 7, the link from your thread is not working.. hope you can send me the file.

Quantum Stan

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It has been 1 week now and I still have the file for mar 7 foam file from gaiatron or from omarbou1 files.. please send to my email at davecrisram0s@gmail.com thanks.. need to rush it before MAY of this year lol!
George posted new links to them in this thread. I've checked and it's a good link. It's right above your post asking for the files. Here the same link.
Iron Man – MK7 Full Armor
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