Limited Run Avengers: Age of Ultron/Civil War Captain America Belt and Harness Run

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Update 10/9: Just a quick note on finishing the parts. A few people have asked about my process, so I wanted to give some tips!

The fully finished pieces will come polished and attached to the belt/harness--no need to worry about any of that! However, if you're just purchasing individual pieces or kits, the parts will come raw. Some things you can expect: minor flashing to be trimmed, light sanding on the back/bottom side, and then polishing.

My polishing process consists of three steps, but you can do it however you like/are able.

First: Cold cast pieces need to be abraded using a fine steel wool or sandpaper. I use 0000 steel wool on all my parts, but you can also use 220 grit or higher. You don't want to scratch the surface, you just want to smooth it out

Second: After steel wool, I like to use a polishing wheel with metal polishing compound on my drill press. This helps get the surface really smooth and adds some nice shine!

Third: More polish. I like to finish off the polishing process with Mother's Mag and Aluminum polish. Simply wipe the cream on with a soft towel (I tend to use cut up old t-shirts), then buff it off after a minute or two. The polishing cream is basically a super-fine abrasive that adds to the smoothness and shine. The more you buff, the better results you'll get!

Update 9/18:

Here we go! Buckle's are finally done (along with extras!)

I partnered up with @starlordquill to finish up not just the buckles for Age of Ultron and Civil War, but also all the other belt and harness hardware. Everything was modeled, 3D printed, and mastered, then molded. I started pulling test casts today, and we're very happy with everything.



First pulls of a few of the items all polished up! With that said, we're going to open up the run. Robbie and I are offering up a few options. You can purchase cold cast aluminum belt and harness hardware, or full belts and harnesses. We are doing both Age of Ultron and Civil War pieces.

Cost for belt hardware is $60
Cost for harness hardware is $40
Cost for belt AND harness hardware is $90
Gauntlet magnets (set of 4) is $25

The belts and harnesses will be made with genuine leather and canvas/cotton webbing.
Fully finished belts will be $250
Fully finished harnesses will be $150
Both belt and harness can be bundled at a discount for $350

We also have a mold for the shoulder A's seen on the Age of Ultron and Civil War costumes.
Cost is $10 for a raw pair or $25 for a finished pair

If you're interested, note what you want and we'll get you the payment details.
**Please note, we will try to get through these as quickly as we can, but cannot guarantee Halloween delivery for all orders

Gauging interest to see if this would be worth it. It would be cold cast in aluminum, and ready to mount to your belt.


Here is a render of the model

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Re: Avengers: Age of Ultron Captain Belt Buckle

Updated with a render of the model. The center plate will be molded separately for a cleaner cast
Re: Avengers: Age of Ultron Captain Belt Buckle

Would this be a functional belt buckle? (I am working on a shield for Avengers #2 and slowly moving past the idea of just toting a shield to the movie...)
Re: Avengers: Age of Ultron Captain Belt Buckle

Anyone else? I figured there would be more interest in this :confused
Re: Avengers: Age of Ultron Captain Belt Buckle

none functional... so it would just slip onto... ontop a regular belt....

(I am still interested)
Re: Avengers: Age of Ultron Captain Belt Buckle

Printed the master today, so it's ready for clean up. Anyone else in before I decide to invest in molding?
Re: Avengers: Age of Ultron Captain Belt Buckle

Saw the film yesterday and loved it. Let's get this going! I'm going to get this prepped for molding, so chime in if you'd like to get in
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