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I recently dug out the CARB rifle that I did last year and looked over the build. After having gotten better references on it I noticed a lot of things that were wrong with it, including the overall size. So I decided I could do better.

Unlike the previous one, I didn't want to carve it out of wood, and wanted to build it with an eye towards casting it later. After taking a look at how Spat did his pulse rifles, I got the idea to do this one in two separate halves that could be easily molded and then bonded/bolted together.

My first step was to go back and refine my original blueprints, using Weta's images as a template. After scaling it down a bit, I printed out the blueprints and transferred them to foam core boards of various thickness and several sheets of hot press illustration board. Much cutting and many xacto blades later I had the rough form in the desired thickness. The pistol grip was then sanded into shape using a dremel tool and some sanding blocks.

After getting the main body built up, I constructed the stock separately and then attached it to both halves. Then I used bondo and acrylic modelling paste to fill in rough areas. The modelling paste is a good way to seal off the exposed foam as its thick enough to fill in and wont melt the foam. Since its basically marble dust suspended in an acrylic emulsion when it dries its solid and can be sanded to shape, or you can go over it with bondo without worrying that it'll eat the foam.

The rifle in its current state.

Size and detail comparison with my older build:

My next step is to set up the molds for the rifle halves. Then it'll be on to building the magazine box and a few other external details. Once I have the base rifle body done, I'll move on to building the different barrel and hand guard components. Unfortunately much as I would have liked to do a removable box mag, I couldn't figure out how to engineer the mold. Maybe on a later build I'll give it a go. On this one the box mag will be cast separately as a solid block angled to fit the shape of the mag well and then bolted on.

Thanks for looking. Comments, critiques, and suggestions are welcome.
Quick progress update:

Gave it a coat of primer, added more filler. Molds are done for the top rail, the charging dial, and the frame buttons. The box mag still needs to be molded.



More as it develops
surprised at the lack of interest in this, :unsure

great work so far, i have wanted to tackle an avatar weapon myself.

looking forward to more updates

First pull of the rifle barrel. Parts are laid out to test the fit and proportions. The box mag has been molded, but I haven't gotten around to casting it yet. Up next on the list will be to mold the body halves, then the foregrip.



@ Vos:
I never posted my older build.

As for the picatinny rails, NO lol I did not want to make those by hand out of styrene. I borrowed an AR-15 quad-rail handguard that fit the bill for this project.
Cool. Starting to look good. For me, the rail system was a huge pain in the butt to make from scratch. Originally, I was going to use something like an airsoft AR15 rail system, but it didn't fit well with my reciever, so I made my own instead.
@ Tactonyx:
lol I see you had the same idea I did. Yeah that rail set up is a real pain.

I was hoping to be further ahead in this project, but real life work has put a delay in my build. Hopefully not too much longer before I can get this fully cast up.

Molds have been finished for the body halves. Ran into a few problems with the resin kicking way too early (was using smooth cast Onyx). However I was able to salvage one set of castings. I decided to work those up as a custom stealth model.

This beast is heavy Just the body alone weighs in around 12-15 pounds. Might need to find some way to make it lighter, otherwise the full rifle will weigh a ton. Any suggestions are welcome.

Anyhow, pics:



Molds have been finished for the body halves. ...
This beast is heavy Just the body alone weighs in around 12-15 pounds. ...


...omg...the halves are solid pieces? I might have a solution, ran into the same thing on another gun build I did. It was Nausicaä's rifle from the anmie Vally of the Wind, if remember right.

Anyways, the rifle ended up weighing in at like 40 pounds...almost half what the girl who was going to carry it! So, rather then doing a few hundred hours dremel work, I looked at the cast and figured I could "fill" the areas by making a few blocks to fit on the pour side.
Made a bracket to hold the ruber coated blocks (so they didn't move or float up) then did another pour.
Saved a LOT of resin and got the weight down to just under ten pounds.

Hope this helps, I'll see if I still have that mold floating around and get you some pictures.
Looks great!


Use 3M microspheres for filler, makes it light, keeps it strong and machines like butter.
(Dont experiment with other fillers, I've already don that for you :D )

You can chill your resin to make it kick slower, I used to think this was BS but then I tried it...LOL

Alumilite RC3 Black is a very nice very dense black, I find onyx to be too brittle and tempermental.. however RC3 also kicks on the fast side.

Regular RC3 is off white and with some experimentation and careful mixing you can color match the resin with tints to be screen accurate. Alumilite sells it's own tinting dye that works very well to get close color matches, not the annoying pastel colors you get with other dyes.

Would have commented sooner but I've ben in a cave... figuratively speaking . :)

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