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    Hey everyone. I started making automata a little while ago. They aren't exactly scale models and I'm not going for perfect realism, but they are basically models. I'm mostly going to be making them from various movies, tv, anime, books that I like.

    I'm broke right now so mostly using scrap wood and old house paints and things like that.

    Here is Blair from Soul Eater anime/manga. I accidentally spelled it blaire in the video etc, oh well!

    First references

    Then I embarrass myself with MSpaint, but hey, its super quick!

    I didn't get any pics while making, but got one before painting.

    The leg is programmable by a disc with many peg holes. That s a paperclip and a spring from a lighter to make the head turn, and a lot of tear-out on the disc
    (like I said, I'm broke!)

    With some various house paint collected over the years..

    And here is a video of it in action!

    Here is my current project. Black*Star from Soul Eater, too. My all time favorite character!
    He is always working hard and never gives up. The most arrogant, most self-confident character I have ever seen. But he still somehow manages to be a character you root for the most.


    More embarrassing MS paint, but it works and takes like 5 minutes. I didn't bother with the shoes since Im using dowels.



    Lift Mechanism. Took a couple tries. Tried a grove down the center of cam but the foot still twisted. eliminated grove on one side of cam and put thicker back plate on and it no longer twists. There are also two stretchy cords pulling the leg/foot down constantly because the wood is very light.


    Assembled guy. Thinking about shortening up his legs slightly.


    Still got a little bit of wood work left, mostly sanding and some paneling and molding. But its pretty close!

    Here is a video of it in action


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    I finished my Black*Star automata. Need to lube it a little bit because its slightly jerky, but other than that I am pretty happy with it. Think I'm going to do 1 more Soul Eater model then move on to another series. Got so many to pick from my idea list though..

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    Made some progress on my next piece.Kenpachi from the anime/manga Bleach, cutting down a building. Nearly done with the wood work, just need to glue on the hand and do a lot more sanding, then paint of course.

    I fortunately found a few second clip of the scene the automata is based on and I added it to the front of the clip. Unfortunately it makes my automata look like junk! Background music really makes a difference..!

    I was considering sewing him his cloak thing but I don't have access to sewing machine so decided against it. Since its so small I might do it by hand but, going to see how it looks just painted first.
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    I like your work ! Thanks for sharing !

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