"Authentic" Supergirl Costume on eBay

Discussion in 'DC Costumes and Props' started by misterfusion, Jan 29, 2006.

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    This seller, Super Holywood (Super38), has got cajones as big as Krypton.

    Here he goes selling yet ANOTHER knock-off Supergirl costume and claiming it's authentic. Here's the LINK (which I post just as a warning to any potential buyers who think they're getting a good deal).

    You ever notice that this guys' "authentic" suits are always perfect and clean? No rips or tears or stains, no sign of use, no stunt costumes...

    I can't say it enough:


    Especially of sellers who hid every bit of info about their sales transactions on eBay. Pretty soon ther'll be a chicken in every pot and an "authentic" Supergirl or Superboy costume in every closet.

  2. misterfusion

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    Oh, and it's not just me that thinks so.

    From the website EbayersThatSuck.com

    Auction Screen Name: queenrocks
    Auction #: 7516446344
    Auction Site: Ebay.com

    Seller offered a supposedly 'authentic' Superman costume, and claimed the outfit was worn by the star Christoper Reeve during the 1978 production of the movie Superman. I paid the amount above to obtain the item (top, bottom, cape, boots, belt and buckle). I only received the top and bottom of the outfit, and the item is clearly a NEWLY MADE REPRODUCTION (not even matching the pictures sent to me of the item to convince me to purchase). Item came with a 'certificate of authenticity' signed by the supposed 'costumer', which again claims the item was used in the 1978 production of the movie. There is no way this is possible, as the item does not match the outfit used on screen and in clearly 100% new material.

    This person has a seller account on eBay (Super38) and immediately removed all traces of the earlier auctions for the other Superman 'costumes' that he had online (auction number provided is for a current 'bogus' item he has for sale, also false), has refused to refund my money (paid for via PayPal) and now refuses to reply to any emails. Also, after I complained that the item was not 'authentic', seller HID HIS FEEDBACK RATING on eBay to hide all traces of the auctions and their bidders. I can provide pictures of the item as it was promised along with pictures of the actual item that I received.

    Oh, and an additional comment in reply:

    ColSamatoshi | 29May2005
    I also noticed that this seller is selling/sold multiples of the "George reeve S". If you look carefully at the pic, you can see that it is a home-made item(evidenced by the uneven edges and faint trace lines.) This sleazeball needs to be RAIDED.

    Y'know, if you want to sell copies just SAY IT'S A COPY and make an honest wage for your work.

    Steve :angry
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    Good Catch, Steve

    to me, this board is at it's best when it's used to expose and protect.

    What can be done - I ask all of you - to Shut this MF down. He is harming the market.
  4. altername

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    This should be turned into a spin-off TV show. "To expose and protect" New on FOX... or playboy channel.

  5. temponaut

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    Thanks for the warning, and in particular for making us aware of the "eBayersthatsuck" website. A valuable resource... not to mention some entertaining reading. :)
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    Amen to that.
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    Makes me wonder what my rubies version is worth. It's a real live NOT screen used costume too. . .

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